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Prãna Custom Cycles

Personal Project

This was an opportunity to create a brand from ground up.


In 2014 Prāna Custom Cycles was launched, a cycling brand inspired by the streets of India. With a simple aim of creating beautifully designed bicycles drawing from a culturally rich history accessible to everybody.  


Offering affordable bicycles based on the traditional British town bike brought over to India during the Raj. We wanted to bring them back, this time inspired by the streets.

Brand Story

The bicycles

We visited our bicycle manufacture in India. It was an opportunity to inspect the bicycles and make any design changes. The trip also involved location photography and filming. We photographed and filmed our bicycles from the assembly lines to the streets of India. 

Branded accessories & personalisation

Customisation was a key element of our brand, inspired by the Indian trucks decorated and personalised with art. We gave customers options to pick from a range of branded items, locks, bells, key chains, saddle covers and gave them a choice of decals to personalise their bike.  


During the summer we set up shop in a pop-up space in Carnaby Street, London. The space enabled the brand to come to life and allow people to experience and learn about the story of our bicycles.

Press & PR event highlights 

It was a pleasure to gift Sir Paul Smith a bicycle and invited him to visit our shop. During the London Design Festival we held live art events, inviting artists to our shop to create one-off limited edition designs. We also held an event during GQ style week with Bombay Shave a pop-up Indian barbershop.