Altos Tequila

Concept proposals

Agency: CBA London


To re-imagine the Altos Tequila visual identity and give the brand the tools required to create a strong recognisable look and feel across multiple touch points.


Concept 1 - Natural Radiance

Natural energy and the positive spirit of moments made together. The logo combines the letter A, radiant light and natural forms of the agave plant. A unique graphic brand language is inspired by these elements. 

Concept 2 - Blue Agave

A unique look at the blue agave plant from which the tequila is created from. Open and radiant, an energetic graphic look and feel using the natural form of the plant. The identity captures the spirit of Mexico and is reflected in the brands touch points. 

Concept 3 - Collective Spirit

Great things are made when people and communities come together, from the 3 founders to the Jimadores and the tasters. Born from the bottle, the visual identity connects and unites. The logo represents the 3 founders as well as the Altos mountains where the agave fields grow. The identity allows for dynamic story telling on multiple touch points through a connecting dynamic line.